• Texas Virtual Academy provides educational solution for Frisco pre-teen, Kidz Bop member

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    For some students, homeschooling allows them an opportunity to pursue extracurricular interests such as athletics and the performing arts on a more extensive basis.  For others, choosing home-based education is about learning on a more individualized basis.  Regardless of the reason, millions of families are embracing homeschooling as their way of life.

    Grant Knoche is one of the millions of students who have turned to homeschooling to fulfill their educational needs.  As a new member of the Kidz Bop touring super group, finding the right homeschool solution was essential to Grant’s educational success.  Homeschooling North Texas Magazine got a chance to chat with Grant about his Kidz Bop audition experience, about what it’s like to tour with a group that makes 40 stops while holding the No. 3 spot on the Billboard 200 chart for this year’s Kidz Bop 27, and how homeschooling with Texas Virtual Academy is helping him enjoy life as a traveling musician.

    Tell us a little bit about your family. Do you have siblings? What are some of your family’s favorite things?

    I have one older brother. His name is Hunter and he is 17. He’s an amazing drummer, and is currently on tour with his band. When he was younger, he was on Barney and in a Smuckers commercial.  Our family is super busy because my brother and I are both on tour, but when we’re together we like to go to movies and play board games.

    How long has your family homeschooled?

    I started online schooling with Texas Virtual Academy for 6th grade, and I just finished 7th grade!

    What are some of your favorite things — sports, activities, music, etc.?

    I love anything that has to do with music. I sing, dance, play piano and guitar, and I have recently started writing and composing music. I also love to play basketball, skateboard, and go to the movies with my family.

    What prompted you to audition for Kidz Bop?

    It was an amazing opportunity to do all the things I love. I love to sing, dance, play instruments, and perform for others. I feel so alive when I am up on stage!

    Talk a little about your Kidz Bop experience. Has it been everything you imagined (and more)?

    It is a blast to be a KIDZ BOP Kid! We performed in 50 cities last year. Some highlights were performing on the Today Show with Kathy Lee & Hoda and performing at Radio City Music Hall at the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.  It’s a great opportunity to practice and improve my singing and dancing. I hope to be a solo artist like Justin Timberlake someday. I love to travel, see new things, and learn about different places. I feel so blessed to be a KIDZ BOP Kid.

    What was your initial reaction when you learned that you were selected?

    I was told via Skype. They said, “We’re sorry….but you’re going be with us for a while because you’re one of the new KIDZBOP Kids!” I was so happy and started jumping all over my house.

    How does homeschooling help your family pursue your interests?

    Since I tour and travel, I don’t have a normal schedule. It would be impossible to go to a classroom every day and be a KIDZ BOP Kid.Online schooling gives me the chance to chase my dreams.

    Describe some of the Texas Virtual Academy features your family appreciates — aspects that enhance your homeschool experience

    Last year we performed in 50 cities. Since school is done online, I am able to learn from anywhere. I also feel good knowing that I am learning from the same curriculum that I would be if I were still in a traditional school.

    If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would you go?

    I have seen pictures of Bora Bora and it looks amazing. I would like to stay in one of those huts over the water. Some of them have a hole in the middle of the living room so you can go swimming right under the hut!

    What is your biggest dream — what do you want to be when you grow up?

    I am working really hard to be a solo artist someday. My dream is to become a famous solo artist and sell out stadiums all around the world.

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