• Ron Paul rolls out new homeschool curriculum

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    In an announcement [earlier this year] by Dr. Gary North, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul has opened RonPaulCurriculum.com. The curriculum being developed is aimed at homeschoolers, but is available to anyone and the best part is that you have six years to try it for free.

    The Ron Paul Curriculum website touts, “The Ron Paul High School Curriculum is academically rigorous. A student who does not have the basics of time management, the memorization of facts, and writing skills is at a disadvantage. But a student needs far more than these skills to succeed.”

    To reiterate, courses for kindergarten through fifth grade will be absolutely free. According to North’s announcement, “A free curriculum that you can try for six years will create trust. That trust will be converted into income for the program, beginning in sixth grade.”

    Learn about Paul’s curriculum by visiting: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/04/ron-paul-to-roll-out-new-homeschool-curriculum/#ixzz2PvXuBSAs

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