Spectrum cover collage

    Publisher’s Pick – McGraw Hill’s Spectrum Series

    As a novice or even a veteran homeschooler, choosing a curriculum can become quite overwhelming. “Should I take the Classical approach?” “Are unit studies truly effective?” “How do I know if I’m leaving any gaps?” The questions run the gamut!

    While I have homeschooled for several years, I do remember a time when I felt paralyzed with fear over the thought of choosing the “wrong” curriculum. It was at that time that a friend and fellow homeschooling mom introduced me to the McGraw-Hill family of Spectrum workbooks. I remember thinking, “Workbooks – really?” Yet, I knew I needed to do something. So, I took a quick trip to my local bookstore and purchased a few copies. Saying that I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement!

    While the Spectrum series did not offer what I was looking for in a complete curriculum, it did provide essential knowledge and skills my children needed in the critical subjects areas of geography, language arts, math, phonics reading, spelling, test preparation and writing. My children learned solid fundamentals as I worked to secure our family’s “official” curriculum. Later, I would turn to the Spectrum series for summer enrichment and preparation for special tests. Fast-forward 10-plus years – I am still homeschooling, and I am still using the Spectrum series. As such, these little consumable gems earn the title as this week’s Publisher’s Pick!

    Happy homeschooling,

    Tiffany Williams Evans

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