• AlphaCard donates free homeschool ID cards

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    Most public and private schools issue student ID cards; however, homeschool students are usually left out. Recognizing this oversight, AlphaCard recently announced the launch of its first-ever free Homeschool ID Card Program.

    Amber Hanson, the Sr. Marketing Manager for AlphaCard said, “We recognized that the homeschooling community had a need for student ID cards and decided that we could make a difference. You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to make a meaningful impact. Every company has something that they can and should be doing for our communities. Our expertise happens to be in ID card printing, so we are leveraging what we do best to help out.”

    Program participants can request free homeschool ID cards per household. The website is extremely user-friendly; parents can choose between four designs and personalize cards with their student’s information and photo. A built-in preview tool allows parents to see the finished card online before submitting. Students and parents can expect to receive their card within two to four weeks of placing their order.

    This limited-time program is available while supplies last. The response to the program has been overwhelmingly positive; hundreds of parents have already written in to express excitement and appreciation for the program. Homeschool parent Rebecca S. wrote: “I’ve already recommended you to everyone I know! Thank you for providing this service for our families. Homeschoolers are generally overlooked when it comes to ‘public school’ stuff like this!”

    Joli S. explained her reasoning for needing homeschool ID cards for her teenage children: “We live in an Air Force town and they were starting to have trouble getting onto base because they are too tall. The guards started to ask for their identification since they looked older than 17, but now our problem is solved!”

    AlphaCard has been regularly donating ID card systems to non-profits in need, but donating custom printed cards is not entirely a new endeavor. For example, in 2010 AlphaCard printed and donated Mercy Corp. volunteer badges to help with Haiti disaster relief efforts.

    AlphaCard is a leader in photo identification card systems, providing organizations around the world with the equipment they need to print photo ID cards for their students, members and employees. To learn more about AlphaCard’s free Homeschool ID Card Program, please visit: http://www.alphacard.com/homeschool-id-cards.

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